Dr Kazjon Grace


DECRA Fellow

Design Lab Research Director 

School of Architecture, Design and Planning

The University of Sydney


I'm a lecturer in the Design Lab at the University of Sydney, and was previously at the InDe Lab at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.   

My research is in computationally modelling, evaluating and understanding creativity, and I'm fascinated by how AI can change the  relationship between creative workers and the technologies they use. My doctoral thesis, submitted in 2011, was on computational models of associative reasoning in design thinking. Since then my research  directions have included computational curiosity, how to evaluate  creativity, and how to encourage people to behave more diversely using AI. 

There used to be a list of my publications here, but honestly Google Scholar does a much better job of keeping such things updated than I ever will, so you can find my publications here. 

I can be contacted at: kazjon.grace@sydney.edu.au or on LinkedIn.